Our Three Step Process

Every business, freelancer, enthousiast, association has a website to share passion or product. Not everyone has a passion for web technology though. Good news! You don’t need to because we are passionate about web technology for you!

Our process is structured and consists of three steps. First we’ll get to know you, your business and your passion. What is important to you, your employees and your customers and needs to reflect¬† in your website. Once we know that we’ll come up with a concept proposal and finally merge our filosophy with your brand in a future roof website.

Step 1

Brand Identification

Step 2

Concept Design

Step 3

Creative Solution

First of all we’ll need to know you and your business. What is important to you, your employees and your customers? How are perceved by your clientele? We’ll provide you with an online survey for you, your employees and your customers to get to know you and to determine your brand specifics.

After identifying your brand essentials we will come up with a concept design that erflects your business and your brand. It shows what will be present on the website and what will have priority. It is a general overview of page areas, how it is structured and what functionality needs to be included. This step will finish with an ‘okay’ by you.

The final step is where we build the website itself. Decide on the look and feel and include functionality as agreed in the concept design. Here’s where we will start seeing results and present you with a first draft of the website itself.