Bring your website back to Life

Web Technology evolves every day. Is your site still up to the current standards? Are you curious how your site scores these days?

Is your website outdated?

Has it been a while since your website had a PROPER make-over? Too bad! You’re most likely missing out on customers and sales!

//code-blue is a small web technology company specialised in creative web solutions for small companies.

Our simple, yet effective, three step process helps you move your website to become the primary marketing and communication tool for your business!

Bring your website (back) to life!

Allow your site to become an important customer hub, a real means of communication and customer service.

Create the user experience that wows your customers, connects them to you and your brand and makes them come back.

“If your website is not a satisfying user experience, you’re doing it wrong!”

Our three step process will bring your website back to life!

Our Three Step Process

Every business, freelancer, enthousiast, association has a website to share passion or product. Not everyone has a passion for web technology though. Good news! You don’t need to because we are passionate about web technology for you!

Our process is structured and consists of three steps. First we’ll get to know you, your business and your passion. What is important to you, your employees and your customers and needs to reflect¬† in your website. Once we know that we’ll come up with a concept proposal and finally merge our philosophy with your brand in a future proof website.

Step 1

Brand Identification

Step 2

Concept Design

Step 3

Creative Solution

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Our philosophy

When Branding is done and the Concept Design is approved, designing and building the creative solution starts. Here’s where web technology comes into play.

What is our take on todays web technology? Read it here, team up with //code-blue and form a winning match.

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